Cyber risk - should SMEs be concerned?
Every day, managers of small businesses struggle with issues that arise as a result of business dependence on IT and data, knowing that financial, reputational and legal problems can result.
They know that the regulatory environment is becoming more demanding, the threat environment from hackers more hostile and the complexity of IT systems ever increasing.

If you are managing a small or medium sized enterprise, struggling to make sense of this environment and concerned that you are not doing enough to prepare your business and your people for a Cyber incident, Cyber Plus Solutions can help you. We offer peace of mind from Cyber risk.

Our free Report 'Cyber risk - the SME perspective' is the result of 32 interviews carrried out by telephone and in person with UK SMEs. It gives an accurate picture of what SMEs think about Cyber risk and the solutions that they are interested to explore.
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'Cyber risk - the SME perspective'

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About Cyber Plus Solutions
Cyber Plus Solutions is a new business founded by two entrepreneurs who exited from a successful insurance start-up in 2015. Our expertise in risk management is fused with the expertise of a Cyber technologist. Together, we understand the special challenges of SMBs to treat Cyber risk as a Business risk that needs to be managed like any other.

We have created Cyber Plus Solutions to combine, in a comprehensive online solution, the best of what the Cyber technology and insurance sectors offer to SMEs. We are currently gathering input from the SME audience in the UK and Ireland and designing our product to meet their needs.